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10019: Error Code 99, Extended Error 0
ProductVersionService Pack
The activePDF Server Test Utility displays the following test message:

There was an error while waiting for your document. The error code is 99 and the extended error is 0.
The 99 error code with an extended error of 0 indicates a general configuration issue.
The following are known causes for this error. Select from the list below to view more information and the suggested resolution for each issue.
10619 - Evaluation period has expired
10620 - Product is not activated
10621 - Service is not started
10622 - Default Printer to Emulate
10623 - Default Queue Location or Default Output Path
10624 - Enable PrintDirect flag
10625 - Remote Connections and Operation
10626 - Generate your activePDF Log Files
11764 - APVSLM.dll is not registered (3.8 and above)
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